Why the process of valuation is performed on the house?

They have doubled every ten years beachsidedevelopments in fact in my book Australian property fines made simple I should document the median prices from the RA IV since 1966 and you can see there you know in 1960 average detached house in Melbourne was nine thousand four hundred dollars and today to about seven hundred and seventy-six.

But there is a pattern of properties doubling roughly every 10 years if you stick to this formula while looking in your lines of credit the peak of the market buying at the blunder market you’re going to do well and you’re going to build a large property portfolio which is what’s all about and remember.

There’s no beachsidedevelopments such thing as a common market anymore you know one thing you can do also is to ensure the consistency of your capital growth by diversifying between different geographic locations in Melbourne, for example, there’s a distinctive market now that are very little to do with each other and the auction current rates. in those markets are very different our ease could be doing 94 percent and then you have southeast doing 59 percent you know.

How is process of valuation helpful for buyer?

So but versifying in buying properties in these different markets what you’re beachsidedevelopments doing is you’ve always got one property brimming so it’s not only about targeting Melbourne as a whole no such thing as a mobile market anymore you know no one is st. Albans 450 grand and 2×6 million you know it’s about understanding.

The cyclical nature of the submarine is a state the city but also the sub markets so you can be targeting one area at it stands down to and in focus or another area in the following you know months or quarters or years as well I hope you enjoyed this video if you’re interested in learning more I encourage.

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