What is Sydney Property Valuation

Which is Sydney Property Valuation access to my  online home study with four hundred  ninety seven dollars for those of you  who want to take that next step and get  more additional education absolutely free no strings attached.

Hours of Sydney Property Valuation online with a manual you can download as well absolutely free Australian impending  property boom how the average cost of a house will surge to . million in just years and it’s not sinner that.

  • Will  be hit the hardest so this is good news and bad news good news for homeowners obviously and property.
  • investors like myself bad news  for people trying to get into the market especially .

With what’s happening right now in lending so I’m going to talk about those challenges that people that  are trying to get into the market are facing and give you some solutions couple of things.

That are very interesting about the Australian property market is that the whole market  the residential part of the market is worth seven point five trillion dollars with only one point seven .

Three trillion in outstanding mortgages now so it’s a very low ratio of mortgage to asset or a  ratio and this is why the market is so resilient okay it doesn’t need to be that the exposure is so low two mortgages