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Another Japanese electronics group thinks only 10 percent of 28 production lines at the Hsin-chu City Science Park, escaped undamaged.Valuation is necessary for knowing your house price.The disruption is likely to cause serious problems for the world’s PC industry, which has been scrambling to obtain supplies of these key components. Taiwan makes 21 percent of video cards, 31 percent of graphic cards and 48 percent of sound cards, according to Schroders, the British brokers.Advanced Micro Devices, a U.S. chip maker, has warned that shortages of some PC components have halted production of circuitboards incorporating the U.S. Company’s microprocessor chips, its primary product.The production bottleneck appears to be caused by damage to the manufacturers’ chemical vapor deposition furnaces, which contain large, delicate quartz tubes. Japanese electronics groups say many of the installed tubes have shattered.Worse, much of the replacement stock, held on site, is also damaged. Leading Japanese suppliers of quartz tubes report the backlog of orders has surged from 100 to 400 and they cannot meet demand.

Clearing up production lines is likely to take months, the Japanese industry analysts say. When the North Itami plant of Mitsubishi Electric was damaged in the January 1995 earthquake in Kobe, it took a month before production was resumed. Also, there is a shortage of skilled technicians in Taiwan to make repairs.Imagine ordering a plane ticket on the way to the airport using a hand-held organizer or a pager with a wireless link to the Internet.Or imagine wrapping up Christmas shopping, completing a stock transaction or checking the latest sports scores from the dentist’s waiting room.Someday soon, you won’t have to imagine it. Internet is changing, breaking longstanding ties with the computer. Smarter portable devices are making it possible to surf the Web from just about anywhere.Within a few years, those devices are expected to be as popular as desktop or laptop computers for reaching the Net. Leading Internet companies such as Microsoft Corp. and America Online Inc. are laying the groundwork today for the Internet’s mobile future.

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The Internet is beginning a transition,said Harry Fenik, an industry analyst with Zona Research Inc. of Redwood City, Calif. A lot of these wireless devices are going to access the Internet, but it’s not something you’re going to be conscious of.The Internet will become as basic as electricity, he said. It will be available anytime, anywhere.The movement toward mobile Internet access comes as speedier connections are arriving in homes through cable, special phone lines or satellite links. Hotels, cruise ships and airports also are working to improve access for travelers with laptops, and some companies are furthering Internet access through regular TV sets.To get your house price you have to conduct Adelaide Property Valuers process.This was an unusual situation in which Intel decided to delay the announcement at the 11th hour, Dell spokesman Ken Bissell said. ”We couldn’t pull (the catalogs) back.Valuation is helpful for doing full inspection on your property.Dell’s catalogs began arriving in the mail last week and advertise three new models with the Rambus chips.

Those systems obviously aren’t launched yet,Bissell said.Dell sales people have been instructed to recommend alternatives to customers who want the Rambus models, Bissell said.Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, near Austin, hasn’t determined how many calls it’s received for the Rambus products. It doesn’t expect the delay to affect its sales.Dell discovered problems with the Rambus chipsets during its testing process and hadn’t actually begun installing the Rambus product in its PCs.Other PC makers such as Houston-based Compaq Computer Corp.also discovered problems during testing. Hewlett-Packard Co., the world’s No. 2 computer maker, delayed shipping the latest models of its Vectra corporate PC and Kayak workstation because of the Rambus glitch.Intel, which backs the Rambus technology, has said it’s looking at three areas to determine why a computer with Rambus’s chips may have problems.

It’s investigating the Rambus-based Camino chipset, which acts as an intermediary between the computer’s processor and its memory; the way the memory is set up; and the motherboard that holds several chips, an Intel spokesman said.The damage to semiconductor-making equipment during the earthquake in Taiwan last month may have been much worse than first thought and could affect supplies of personal computers during the peak Christmas and New Year periods, according to Japanese industry executives and analysts.Although Taiwanese manufacturers of PC motherboards have said they expected to resume production imminently, damage to facilities making some of the essential components of these PC circuitboards, particularly graphic chips, sound chips and memory control chip sets, has been substantial, Japanese chip buyers say.Taiwanese suppliers had originally expected to resume production only two to three weeks after the earthquake on Sept. 28. But their Japanese customers now believe it could take two to three months before shipments begin and as long as five months for supplies to reach pre-earthquake levels.For example, Naoyuki Akikusa, president of Fujitsu, told investors recently he didn’t think TSMC, the Taiwanese maker that supplies the Japanese electronics group, would be able to resume full production within the next two months.Property valuation becomes successful only if performed by expert valuers.

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That’s starting to change even  though we haven’t seen up-to-date data I  think as we see more interest only loans being paid down and we see some subtle  rises in wages growth will start to see household debt coming down but it’s going to take a long time for household  that to reduce materially and it really implies that households are very sensitive to the cost of debt so if we do start to see any further changes in  mortgage rates which we’ve seen out of cycle the RBA or if we start to see some upwards pressure in the cash rate which isn’t likely until at least probably late if not later than.

That then we’re gonna see some effect in the household sector is they dedicate more their income to servicing the debt and less to buying stuff there’s a % of  the economy’s consumption so going back to your most recent question what are the some of the benchmarks that I think are the most relevant the most important well I think that to understand the  broad trends I’d certainly recommend looking at our hedonic index it’s it’s probably the the go-to measure for understanding how values are moving across a broad market what does that actually do that is good good question  it’s a mouthful I know that and it’s quite a tactical sophisticated index so it’s not really easy to understand unless you’re a mathematician or a scientist in a research.

I think it’s more like once that they have a much better understanding to describe its hedonic index it’s simply a regression index and rather than valuing or trying to measure values based on say a really simplistic method method like a median price median prices are really easy to understand it’s just how many properties are for all the properties have transacted across a region over say a quarter or a year it’s the middle price right and but it’s very compositionally biased if you’re seeing a lot of properties selling at the lower end or the upper end of the market.

Your medians going to move around it’s not really a very good indicator for measuring change  great indicator for understanding the typical price of a home. that’s selling but try to compare one period to another is fraught with with with issues move a step up from a median price and you’ve got an index like say your repeat sales index just simply finding sale pairs and how much capital gain is there between  the sale pairs that gives you a pretty good indication and it removes any of the issues around compositional.

Bias okay but you’re removing a massive amount of properties in the market place as simply haven’t transacted and you’re not counting the effect of a new stock because it needs a sales pair you were stratified median as well and that’s  what the ABS use in in their series the ABS stratified median and our hedonic index move very very very closely with each other a stratified meeting Sibley tries to overcome some of the compositional bias in the marketplace by looking at the median pricing different different cohorts of the market and then averaging it up across the broad region

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Which is Sydney Property Valuation access to my  online home study with four hundred  ninety seven dollars for those of you  who want to take that next step and get  more additional education absolutely free no strings attached.

Hours of Sydney Property Valuation online with a manual you can download as well absolutely free Australian impending  property boom how the average cost of a house will surge to . million in just years and it’s not sinner that.

  • Will  be hit the hardest so this is good news and bad news good news for homeowners obviously and property.
  • investors like myself bad news  for people trying to get into the market especially .

With what’s happening right now in lending so I’m going to talk about those challenges that people that  are trying to get into the market are facing and give you some solutions couple of things.

That are very interesting about the Australian property market is that the whole market  the residential part of the market is worth seven point five trillion dollars with only one point seven .

Three trillion in outstanding mortgages now so it’s a very low ratio of mortgage to asset or a  ratio and this is why the market is so resilient okay it doesn’t need to be that the exposure is so low two mortgages

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a double a to atriple a rating ah is it Property Valuation Report Sydney more convenientfor them to have those sorts Property Valuation Report Sydney of figuresI don’t knowwhich is exactly what Lindsay david saysis going on if the banks show theinternational investment community.

That they’re lending to very very credibleborrowers creditworthy borrowers thenit’s very very easy for the banks to tapinto very cheap debt and to be able tosell residential mortgage-backedsecurities.

With a triple-a rating forone reason or another our politicians donot want to touch this acik does notwant to touch this and basically that isa serious problem because.

We know thatthe mortgage market in this country iscontaminated with junk debt bankbehavior is now firmly in the spotlightthe government has restored more than million dollars of funding to.

Thecorporate watchdog acik and the PrimeMinister has warned the banks to lifttheir game last year the bankingregulator APRA finally acted to rein inbank lending to investors limiting loansto eighty percent of.

a property’s valueand making it harder for people toqualify that change has undoubtedlyslowed the market down house prices inSydney have dropped for the secondstraight quarter Melbourne is stillrising but at just over one percent thisis the beginning of things calming .